Joshua D. Ayres

CEO, Wakefield Realty Group
Joshua is internationally recognized as an entrepreneur and leader in the real estate brokerage industry. My Ayres began his first real estate career in 1978 with the brokerage of single family homes during his studies at Yale. His first project under Wakefield's banner was the brokering of a 300 building commercial real estate unit where Wakefield represented the brokering of 40,000 multifamily units valued at almost $2.5Billion. Since 1985 Joshua has started numerous real estate businesses that encompass all aspects of the real estate investment management industry including: Brokerage, Finance/ Lending, Property Management, Construction, Development, Marketing/Advertising, Investment Management, and Market Research. Joshua's past successes in business have led to the formation of Wakefield Realty Group. With a deep focus on the multifamily real estate market as well as ground up development & construction, decades of experience have led to Wakefield receiving recognition as an industry award winning leader. Over years of success Wakefield has built a solid success of brokering properties, and a world-class executive, corporate & operational staff of more than 35 employees to meet the needs of over 75,000 tenant units. Mr. Ayres’s ability to formulate a paradigm that generates exponential success has earned the attention, respect and confidence of some of the world’s most prominent realty investors .

Robert Gardner

C.O.O., Wakefield Realty Group
Mr. Gardner is nationally known real estate entrepreneur. With decades of experience managing and brokering real estate transactions, Robert specializes in brokering under performing multifamily apartment buildings with below market rents in densely populated areas, actively manage and renovate those properties, and making value-based improvements. His role with Wakefield is to direct our operations team, ensuring that our clients portfolios are managed by someone with the true experience and passion to advocate for our clients foremost.

Kimberly Maluk

C.I.O., Wakefield Realty Group
Kim’s energy, passion, dynamic experience and intimate, applicable IT knowledge centered around the critical partnership between business and technology has allowed Wakefield to thrive amidst competitors. Mrs Maluk has over 2 decades of experience with experience in IT strategy, infrastructure management, service management, M&A, organizational development & change, outsourcing, IT disaster recovery and information security. Kim's solid track record of success managing multi-million dollar IT budgets, a world class Infrastructure, and managing a global staff leveraging best practice frameworks, makes her the perfect person to drive technological directives for Wakefield and ensure that we stay ahead of the global curve.

Joseph Arenas

Real Estate Strategist, Wakefield Realty Group
Prior to joining Wakefield in 2015, Joseph carved his way to being one of the top real estate professionals in NYC. Because of a passion and dedication to real estate client service and turnkey elegance coupled with his passion to help others, he built a reputation as a real estate consultant and consummate professional. In 2015. after living the dream of opening 3 real estate offices in less than 2 years, Arenas joined the Wakefield family, as our lead real estate strategist, helping direct deals and strategize with our clients.

Robert Thomason

Real Estate Strategist, Wakefield Realty Group
Robert is a hands-on investment real estate maven who with 25 solid years of success in real estate investment, building design, construction management, and student housing development. He holds an MBA and is an experienced business operator with key strengths in financial analysis, strategic planning, marketing, and brand management. Specialties: Building Departments, Environmental Agencies, Violations and Hearings, Zoning, Real Estate, Department of Health, Historic Preservation, Real Estate Code Violations.

Marketing Team

Shirley Schneider


Dennis Ward

Marketing Director

Andrew Webster

Sales & Aquisitions

Terry Crow

Marketing Manager

Administration Team

Chad Martin

HR Director

Meghan Lambert

Business Developer

Sal Merchant

Creative Director

Juan Patterson

Sales Director