Wakefield is the key real estate agent that brokered our very first property investment, and we couldn’t have wished for more. They were friendly, and knowledgeable about potential properties in the Norfolk Virginia area, and shared their research and experience-driven opinions. In the end, their incredible foresight made our investment reach incredible bounds. Wakefield’s professionalism and process shone through. We are thrilled to be able to leave this recommendation of their impeccable service.

James Yu

Rockaway Holdings Inc.

Wakefield helped me broker the perfect property. I originally contacted them in 2015 when looking for a $250K property in Norfolk, VA. I have to admit I was not highly knowledgeable in the real estate business. From day one Greg and the Wakefield team diligently went through the core parameters I cared about and devised a plan to get me a discounted property that along with minor improvements shortly triplicated in value. My property is now worth 700K+ and at the investment price, I made over a 150% investment yield. Wakefield has been dependable and reliable at every twist and turn, there to ensure I made the right choices. I would never do this again without Wakefield by my side.

Charles Artina

Virginia Homeowner

The property brokering process is a complex minefield and Wakefield is to thank for our path being a successful one. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised by the care and attention provided by Greg at Wakefield. This company went above and beyond their duty to make sure that the sale executed in our favor, and that the process would be painless and seamless for us each step of the way. Thank you so much for the amazing service you provide.

Alisha & Michael R.

Virginia Homeowners
Wakefield has beyond impressed with the brokering of our first acquisition home. We spent months scouting properties looking for that diamond in the rough, but Wakefield is one of those brokers with the market savvy and breadth of experience to make miracles. We bought our Hampton Roads home in 2016 from Wakefield Realty for 460K and sold in late 2017 for 887K nearly doubling our profit on the sale. Throughout the process, Wakefield showed true knowledge and expertise in navigating the research on the property, the negotiation, the refurbishing, and even the consequential sale! I strongly recommended Wakefield and wouldn’t buy a home in without them. Thanks again.

Blake Daniels

S.H. Virginia